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Let me introduce myself


“Every great design starts with a conversation.”

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Hello there!

I’m Balazs, a full-time independent web designer & video editor based in Transylvania. I create websites & videos that put my clients above their competition!

Using design as a gateway to translate problems into empowering opportunities. In the last years in my free time I started to learn new marketing strategies: how and why some website converts visitors into customers better than others. This is one of the most important things that matters beside the beauty, and the functionality of a website.

My way of working is keeping a close collaboration with my clients, involving them in every stage of the project. In this way I can ensure that the project is delivered as per their expectations. See here my working procedure.

My lifetime experiences

My art and design journey began in the primary school. At the beginning I started to learn how to create dynamic Adobe Flash websites. After a few years I had a chance to work for 3 well known brands: Champions Romania, Office Shoes, Energetix Jewerly.

I have also learned Adobe After Effects (motion graphics) and I’ve created a few pre-made video presentations (AE templates) which helped video editors to create elegant slideshows, or business presentations faster. And also I have started to learn creating logos, and logo intro videos.

Starting with 2018 I’ve begun to work in a web development company and I have learned a lot of new stuff about web design, and e-commerce websites.

From 2019 I am independent & full-time available for new website projects.

My 5 step Design Process

Take look at my 5 step Design Process and learn easily how the website design process works. Click on the button below to see it.

Let's collaborate, and let me help you

I’m always looking to work on interesting and innovative projects. Get in touch so we can discuss your requirements. I’m currently booking in projects that will be performed between ,

Based in Transylvania, I design marketing-centric websites and video animations which convert visitors into customers.
My strategy for every projects is to find the best answers these questions: “What you do?” , “For who you do?”, “How it sells or helps?”, “Where to start first?”

Address List

  • Str. Soporului 8C, Ap. 114
    Cluj Napoca, Cluj, Transylvania
    Romania. C.P. 400482
  • +40 744 526 092
  • Contact me here
  • Name: Balazs Gyorfi
    ID: balazsxp

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