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1. Let's talk (Skype, Zoom or phone call)

After you contact me via email, Skype or just simply filling up my contact form I’ll get back to you and schedule a meeting on Skype, Zoom or a phone call. I will address you a couple of questions about your business and get to know your needs, desires, expectations and what sets your business or organisation apart from your competition. You can also ask me questions and we’ll discuss about them.

Based on what we discuss I will start to make a basic sketch, and I will comeback with a brief that includes my suggestions and recommendations. The brief will include a fixed price quote.

We will also discuss and define the project scope and deadline. If you agree on it, I will fill up the contract. The next step for you will be to make the first deposit. The project will be scheduled in my agenda. Following these steps I will start working, keeping you updated and track the progress in order to meet your expectation.


2. Research & Planning

“Measure twice, cut once,” spending time on website planning is a good investment that saves time, help to clarify the design process and eliminate any miss understandings on both sides.

Before going further I will create a sitemap which presents you the content flow, functions, what tools and features are needed. After this I will build the wireframe, just a simple sketch that shows you where it will be placed the navigation, header and your text with images. The sitemap & the wireframe provides the foundation for any well-designed website. I personally like to go back to basics and use a paper and pencil.


3. Design & Development

Based on our research and the planning document, now you need to supply your text and images for every page (if redesign is needed then I’ll can copy it from there). The better the quality for the images the better design will result.

First, I’ll install the WordPress on our development server and a few essential plugins, after that I will optimise it to the project needs. After I have received the content for your website, using the sketch, I will start working on the real design right on the freshly installed WordPress website, which includes the colours and graphics thats match your brand, custom navigation thats easy to use, an easy to read text alignment, and all these to have a well organised and clean layout. After everything is aligned I will code your website and use your design elements and content. Then I’ll upload your content to the database.

During this process, the website design is translated to actual code that makes the website work. This stage can be the most lengthy, so I’ll keep you informed on the status of the project. I will use a clean coding thats well organised which helps to speed up the website and to find the right balance between form and function.


4. Testing

At this stage your website is almost done. We will review it together to polish out and to match fully with your expectations. I will also start to make rigorous testings on a variety of devices with automated site crawlers to makes sure that your website is fully functional and to identify everything, from user experience issues to simple broken links.

Launch and support-op

5. Launch & Support

Once everything is working beautifully, it’s time for everyone’s favorite part, to launch the website LIVE. I will start to upload your website to the main website server. Your website will be live and can receive their first visitors.

As a bonus collaborating with me I will create a short video about how to use your websites admin panel, and how to upload fresh new content, or even modify the content. Your website will be super easy to update with fresh content. It’s like you would write an email, attach images or files, and write the text.

website maintenance and relax3-op

Optional - Website maintenance

Website maintenance is important for the long-term health and success of a website. Just like owning a car or house, a website will need upkeep and maintenance.

For your website security, checking periodically that all the updates are made is extremely important.
It is necessary to keep it updated with the latest security measures (weekly updates) and installing the latest updates for the major plugins. Then creating backups, whatever happens to your website you still have a backup and there is no need to start all over again.

I can offer a Basic or Premium monthly Aftercare plan for your website maintenance & support, which includes 12+ necessary actions to keep a website running smoothly.  See my Website Aftercare Plans.

Let's collaborate, and let me help you

I’m always looking to work on interesting and innovative projects. Get in touch so we can discuss your requirements. I’m currently booking in projects that will be performed between ,

Based in Transylvania, I design marketing-centric websites and video animations which convert visitors into customers.
My strategy for every projects is to find the best answers these questions: “What you do?” , “For who you do?”, “How it sells or helps?”, “Where to start first?”

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  • Str. Soporului 8C, Ap. 114
    Cluj Napoca, Cluj, Transylvania
    Romania. C.P. 400482
  • +40 744 526 092
  • Contact me here
  • Name: Balazs Gyorfi
    ID: balazsxp

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